Emergency VHF Antenna

Emergency VHF Antenna

Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna

High performance marine emergency VHF antenna with AIS compatibility. Based on a proven design and deployed in seconds if your main equipment is disabled. The antenna is ultra light, compact and has a high-viz cover with an integrated SOLAS approved LED strobe for location assistance. Reliable, high performance RF communications when you need it.

  • Product Code: GEEA0012
  • Brand: Revolve

Based on a proven Rolatube design developed for and in use by the military, the marine Emergency VHF Antenna is a unique piece of communications equipment. The patented design integrates a high-performance antenna into the rollable composite material, removing the need for separate mast and antenna units and reducing equipment count and setup time.  Just unroll the antenna, connect it to your radio and start transmitting.

Storage Size – the Revolve Emergency VHF Antenna is constructed from an advanced patented rollable composite material from Rolatube and covered in a high-viz yellow material. Unrolled in seconds, it forms a 2.5m/100ins antenna weighing around 750g  (1.65lb).  To store it, roll it back up and it will fit into a space 11 x 13cm (4.3 x 5.1in) taking up minimal on-board storage space.

Proven Design – the antenna is a development of  military grade design that provides high quality RF communications in a highly portable and compact solution. Proven in theatres of operation around the world and also used by NGOs, search and rescue organisations, Police and Fire agencies, the technology has now been developed and incorporated into the Emergency Marine Antenna.

Functionality – reliability and high performance are built into the Revolve Emergency Marine Antenna. Tuned to operate between 156 and 162 MHz and optimised for channel 16, the antenna is also compatible with AIS. With no moving parts and requiring no additional components, the antenna can be relied upon to work when needed.

Ease of Use – supplied in a waterproof storage bag, the antenna is compact and takes up minimal storage space. When needed, the antenna is simply rolled out and the led strobe attached to the top if required. The permanently attached 6m cable will connect to either a hand-held or installed radio. Securing holes are provided at each end to enable the antenna to be rigged with cord or the included velcro straps can be used for the same purpose.

Visibility – the body of the antenna is covered in a high-viz yellow cover to aid location. An integrated long-life SOLAS approved LED strobe to further assist location.

Lightweight  – the rollable composite material is incredibly light and strong making the antenna a fraction of the weight of traditional designs.

Maintenance Free – all the materials used in the construction are maintenance free and easy to wash down.

Tough, weatherproof finish – the Revolve antenna is designed to be highly visible and stay looking that way.

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