Boat Hooks

Boat Hooks

Revolve Deck Soft Brush (soft bristles)

Deck brush attachment with soft bristles for the rollable composite handle (not included).

  • Product Code: GEDG0041
  • Brand: Revolve

Deck Brush Attachment with soft bristles designed for use with the Revolve rollable boat hook (not included).

Our Deck Gear System is designed from the start as a modular, flexible range of equipment that quickly adapts to life onboard. The handle not only uses rollable composite technology so that it can be stowed in the smallest spaces, but is designed with a unique bayonet locking mechanism so that a range of different equipment can be easily attached in seconds.  Duplication is eliminated and the space required to stow the equipment is dramatically reduced.

The deck brush attachment with soft bristles features a maintenance free injection moulded body with an integrated bumper to avoid marking surfaces while cleaning. It is features split end fibers and is suitable for gelcoat, clear coat, fiberglass and paint.

Just carry what you need with the Revolve Deck Gear System and minimise deck clutter and storage space.

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