Inflatable Lifejackets

Inflatable Lifejackets

Lifebelt Super Comfort Pouch 150N

Hutchwilco L150 Inflatable Lifebelt Pouch is built to AS4758 standard & is the latest in slimline design. Includes an indicator window for ease of inspection and a handy front pocket, ideal for paddle boarding or rock fishing.

  • Product Code: BAIN8150
  • Brand: Hutchwilco
  • NS Type: AS4758, LEVEL 150
  • Colour: Navy
  • Activity Type: SUP
  • General Size: Female Adult, Male Adult

Adult one size fits all

Rearming kit for this inflatable jacket is Part No: 02107 (Click here for more info)

Twice the buoyancy of a conventional foam lifejacket, CO2 inflation activates at the pull of the cord and once inflated will rapidly turn wearer onto back

AS4758 Standards Approved

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