Fenders & Covers

Fenders & Covers

White Fenders

Manufactured using tough, UV resistant PVC, they are attractively finished white with blue ends.

  • Product Code: SEE BELOW
  • Brand: Wilco

Size range from 5" to 12"

Boat length 6 to 8m is a recommendation only, as a guide. Fender length should be equal to three-quarters of the boat's freeboard.

Quick inflation off standard compressor type system. DO NOT USE NEEDLE TYPE pumps as used on sports balls etc. 

Product Code Title Colour Size
07512 Hutchwilco 12 x 45cm White with Blue ends (5"x18")
07515 Hutchwilco 15 x 58cm White with Blue ends (6"x23")
07518 Hutchwilco 18 x 60cm White with Blue ends (7"x24")
07521 Hutchwilco 21 x 62cm White with Blue ends (8"x25")
07524 Hutchwilco 24 x 70cm White with Blue ends (9½"x28")
07530 Hutchwilco 30 x 90cm White with Blue ends (12"x35")

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